"What Are They Doing Now?"

Chris Dale
One of many people made redundant by Crown Castle in April 2002 (BBC Transmission was privatised in 1997). Apart from a couple of months revising a couple of chapters in the Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book, I haven't tried very hard to find new work. I am a member of a voluntary organisation called REMAP that makes and adapts specialised gadgets for disabled people. I am also a 'STEM Ambassador' STEM Ambassador. We can visit schools when invited, to help children with science and technology projects, and offer information and ecouragement to those with an interest in engineering. I'd still like to do some short contract or casual work for the BBC if the oportunity ever arises.
Interests: Visiting friends; Electronic circuit design; Flying helicopters; Cycling; Swimming. My Homepage.
Updated: 8th May 2015

Sue Fairbrass
I left Comms department in January 1989 to do a six month attachment at Woodnorton. While I was there Jim Sleight asked me to go and work for him in Warwick - an opportunity at which I leapt! I worked at Warwick in the Telecommunications section of BBC Transmission until it was sold and we were shunted to Woodnorton! During this time I had a lodger called Pete Thompson for a "couple of weeks" which actually turned out to be 18 months! With Russell Inman living in Leamington and Nigel Adams working at Woodnorton it was just like the old days in Duchess Street.

I left the BBC in 1997 to do a PGCE but didn't like it and returned to Lecture at Woodnorton for a year before joining Marconi as a Network Design Consultant (SDH type stuff) 4 years ago. I still see Pete & Russell (and occasionally Andy Hame) and was present at the birth of Pete's son (my Godson), Ben, as he had b******d off on site!
Interests these days are mainly centred around badminton (www.ldba.info my badminton website) and going on outings with the Thompson's! Photos to follow - so be very afraid!

Tony Hosking
I left in 1985 to join Cable and Wireless (the old traditional company before it was transformed) Message Switching Division. Even though it was a good crowd there, with interesting work, the rapid changes with Mercury Comms meant a re-location and it didn't really work out for me, so I went to Barclays IT in Cheshire in 1987. Worked there in a number of technical roles until they had their own chucking out time in 2000 so took VR. Gardened for a few months, then managed to secure a good IT design/planning role at Orangehttp://www.orange.co.uk in Bristol, where I still work.

Joe Tozer

Alan Baukham
After 17 years at the BBC and 19 at ITN, I took early retirement in 2002 and then went freelance. Since doing so I have worked back at ITN when required but I have worked for HBS (Host Broadcast Services) MCR in Seoul South Korea for the the World Cup 2002, EBS MCR in Lisbon for Euro 2004 (where I met up Roger Jephcot) and the G7 conference in London this year 2005

Derek Wheeler
Now that I have retired to a small town in New Zealand I have been able to search the web for news of my old mates in the Lines dept based on Duchess street and LG 23. Circa early fifties.
I have found mention in your web site of Alf Brookmen and Frank Rice old mates of mine. Our section boss was called Arthur Challands and he had a young lady as his right hand person called Margaret who stood about 6 feet tall. Next we had Scottie who knew more about equalising lines then anyone else. I worked with Dusty Miller, Tony Manners, Roy Carpenter and Tony Damerill too name a few. When I left the BBC to go to Rhodesia, Tony Damerill followed me and married one of the programme ladies and the last I knew of him, he was still living in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
I managed to get out from that Area in 1964 and had a job offer in Canada with the CBC teaching transistor theory but the job did not appeal to me so I went to the best of class for broadcasting studio equipment McCurdy Radio in Toronto for 6 years and introduced automatic testing of equipment. I then went to Westinghouse as their Electronics QA manager and finished up as their Divisional Manager in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a short spell in Ottawa.
My wife hated Ottawa, too cold in the winter and too dammed hot in the summer, so in 1979 we emigrated to New Zealand and I worked for a company called AWA, originally part of the old 1917 era Marconi company.
I stuck that job for 10 years and then became a self-employed consultant on Quality Management working in NZ, Oozy land and Singapore.
My last client was Telecom of NZ putting back into the organisation Work plans, project management etc,. So I had started my adult career as an Inspector working for the E inC's Office of the Post Office and finished up with NZ Telecomm. What goes around comes around. Now at the age of 77 I have retired and spend a lot of my time working unpaid for the NZ Motor home Association between travelling the country and sorting out our new house.
My first day at AWA I was introduced to a guy called Albert Hall and I immediately bust into song singing 'Heres to the Next Time'. And he turned on me and asked had I worked at the BBC. Yes I said and if you know that song you must have worked in Lo Control room, yes he had, usually up on the OB balcony. Small world.
So that's me and I must say I learnt a lot from the BBC which even today I still use some of the experience.
Thank you for your time and my good wishes to anyone who knew me when I worked for dear Arthur Challands.

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