Gerhard Wagner's Praktikanheft (Work Book)

Gerhard was working in the ATA as an international trainee student thirty years ago in 1977, when he kept a training book (in English)

He said: "it was thirty years ago today ..." and on a fine Monday afternoon I sat in the ATA doing loop measurements on permanent program circuits. I was an international trainee student then. For your info I -do- send you a copy of my "Praktikantenheft" (Work Book) July 18th to September 9th, 1977. I was sorry to read about Geoff Atkinson. I remember him as very friendly, helpful and competent. From the people working in ATA then I do remember by name Eugene, who trained me, and - of course - Colin. All in all it had been a most pleasant time. If you want to know what I am doing now please do have a look at